Building the Informed Generation

Building the Informed Generation

The only difference between misinformation and a lie is simply the intent. Today, that is exploited and it is no less damaging. Yes, that makes tweets similar to the Surgeon General’s today, a lie. Unfortunately, distinguishing these errors come with high court fees.
This is classically dubbed “playing dumb”. Don’t let someone else play dumb with your life. Even a shallow search will spill surefire statistics;  The Colorado Department of Health reports that marijuana arrests have dropped by 50%! (S1)

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Where do you find the right information? How do we encourage informative discussion to build effective legislation and responsible consumption?

Keep up with credible sources
Government websites with sponsorless statistics and studies

Cannabis Sources dedicated to information sharing, a responsible market, and developing the best products and services across the US:
Colorado Department of Health
New Cannabis Venture News


(S1) – Leafly – Surgeon General Just Tweeted What About Cannabis?

(S2) – Colorado Department of Health – Marijuana

Written By: Matthew Sheahan

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