GI License to Chill

GI License to Chill

3 Bills Introduced have been knocked down. One of these, has been submitted annually since 2014 (s1). Each bill takes a different approach to granting veterans access to reliable, medical grade cannabis products.

Generally, the annual push has been for HR1647; this functions on an application basis. Veterans fill out prerequisites to be approved by MED. Second batter, HR712, approaches through credibility: Establishing research programs and studies to record the effects, both positive and negative cannabis has on veterans physical and mental health. On Deck, HR2192 essentially grants access outright to any veteran who qualifies under its guidelines. The Department of Veterans Affairs has not warmed up to these proposals however, in spite of the research identifying the mortal concerns to their health multiple studies, according to Ganjapreneur (s1).

According to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (S2), marijuana use will not result in restricted access to their benefits. However, there are no proactive steps to guide veterans to these solutions or to assure their access to these solutions.


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Written by: Matthew D Sheahan
The Chronoisseur

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