Prohibition vs. Regulation

Prohibition vs. Regulation

There is a cycle. A perpetual misconception on the success of a prohibition. With the right restrictions, we leave the demand to be filled by a black market; Instead of researching, understanding, and regulating many substances people choose to put in their bodies. An underground market keeps these substances unreliable and dangerous while exacerbating the problem culture that contributes to unsafe chemicals and risky utilization.

(s1) Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is ready to change the strategy in a big way. In an effort to regulate and provide effective addiction recovery treatments, part of the plan is to prescribe doses to wean off specific chemicals. This has already proven to be a more effective treatment plan than locking offenders in a cell.
This theme is resonating with many regions opting to regulate in lieu of restrictions that embolden a black market. (s2) North Dakota has agreed to stop arrests for cannabis offenses and Denver is taking a hard look at the benefits of Psilocybin (s3).
Research Companies are popping up all over like Denver’s Discovery Center who is just getting started on possible addiction treatments utilizing natural methods not excluding Cannabidiol (CBD) which is already legal across the states from the right sources.

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