Diary of a Stoner: So, What’s With This Fandagled E-Dab Craze I Keep Hearing About?

Diary of a Stoner: So, What’s With This Fandagled E-Dab Craze I Keep Hearing About?

There’s a lot of talk around town about dabbing electronically at the Coffee Joint; but, what exactly is e-dabbing? And is all this buzz just hype, or is e-dabbing the real deal?

The State of Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act (CRS 25-14-204) lays down restrictions for smoking in areas deemed “public”. Even though CRS 25-14-205 allows exemptions to cigar bars, and even tobacco shops, it ironically does not allow an exemption for Cannabis Consumption Lounges. But this how marijuana is often treated, which makes Charlie Brown wonder, “Why’s everybody always pickin on me?”

Yet, Charlie Brown can still get high in public with his old pal Snoop Dogg at the Coffee Joint in Denver. How? Well, first of all, there are the obvious non-smoking ways to get high, like cartridges, edibles, and vaping flower. But the real method of the modern Cannabis Connoisseur is e-dabbing concentrates. A concentrate is a mass of highly concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that resemble wax or oil and are typically referred to as wax, budder or shatter. Concentrates will generally have pronounced, flavourful terpenes. Terpenes are part of the essential oils of many plants, including cannabis. They are responsible for the wide variety of flavors and aromas present in the different cannabis strains. Concentrates provide an intense and wide variety of cannabis flavors, ranging from Pinene to Limonene.

The amount of THC in concentrates is generally very high, ranging from 40-90% (flower is typically 10-30%). Before that frightens you away for evermore, there are two ways to consider this. If you’re someone who likes to consume a lot and get very high, concentrates are an affordable way to indulge. If, however, you’re just the opposite, a light-weight, so to speak, then a $15 gram of wax will last you a long time and is a much more affordable, healthier, and tastier option than an eighth or quarter of flower.

This is how e-dabbing works. It begins with a piece of glass. Not just any piece of glass, but one blown into a large water pipe. Where the bowl or banger would normally go, a titanium e-nail is placed. This e-nail is then plugged into a box that regulates the temperature. Once heated, a dab of the concentrate is placed on the nail with a dab tool, then the nail is capped and the vapor is drawn into the lungs through the mouthpiece of the glass. A temperature of 675° Fahrenheit is recommended at the Coffee Joint, but lower temperatures will give you more flavour, whereas higher temperatures will give you heavier hits.

Not only is e-dabbing an effective, efficient, and enjoyable way to consume, but it’s also a very social one. At the Coffee Joint, it’s very common to see groups of people sitting around the conference room table socializing while taking e-dabs. And, think about this: If you purchase from the 1136 Yuma dispensary, you can consume for free at the Coffee Joint (just show your receipt). The dispensary has $15 grams of concentrate and the Coffee Joint has the Famous rig for $14 ($15.16 w/ tax). So, basically, for $30, you could get high all day long at the Coffee Joint and chill with good peoples.

So, why not come on in and check out e-dabbing for yourself? We’ll see you here!


Kenneth Dinkins is a professional stoner, a social consumption specialist at the Coffee Joint, and the host of the Coffee Joint Podcast.

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