Denver’s Social Consumption Conundrum

Denver’s Social Consumption Conundrum

Recently Denver established Social Consumption regulations that have been in flux since the licenses had been created. Only two in town have made it to market so far and The Coffee Joint stands tall as the one-and-only legal, social, cannabis consumption location. The challenge for many entrepreneurs entering the market lie with investment and these regulations that determine location and operations.
The Coffee Joint keeps up with the latest and is striving to find new sanitary & safe methods host friends from out of state. Wholesale glass, some of Colorado’s top CBD products, and the latest market info can be reliably found here.

Denver will see more of these locations. With specific standards of service and sanitation developing as well as the financial challenges owners face getting addressed, they will see a better path to success. Of course, we won’t preach business models here but these businesses take on a huge risk and require a large investment up front. This is a Colorado trait; state regulations have ensured business owners are established and reputable. It’s a bet on a new horse with Jockeys that have already placed.

The question still lies in how these plans will develop. For hosts, supplying equipment, and location, location, location. Eventually, a standard cleaning program will give rise to full service lounges who can supply glass, and a taste-of-the-day! The demand will remain strong for travellers looking to experience, sample, and learn firsthand about these products, methods of consumption, & effects.
Walk in, order up, and enjoy; Colorado is on the way there!


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Written by: Matthew D Sheahan

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