Still Reaching for Sustainable Access

Still Reaching for Sustainable Access

There is a new concern for responsible home grow procedures and its coming from Big Marijuana. Like growing tomatoes, brewing beer, & making soap, society tends to research the most effective and safest methods for home production. The arguments made so far have been weak and ill-fit at best. While raising legitimate concerns, the restrictions promoted will miss the mark and keep the industry, the products, and opportunities in the hands of big business.

David Bienenstock at Leafly responded to this short list of reasons on behalf of the community. He argues for the inherent responsibility the majority of home grows strive for. Making the point that many of us are looking for healthy alternatives that have been sourced with a high level of accountability.
On the same point, Consumers value natural products and tend to avoid large commercial buys to avoid unmarked pesticides and inconsistent product quality. If Big Marijuana is demonstrating as much, if not less accountability than natural home grows, there is no progress to be made by allowing them to stash it behind closed doors.


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