High End Highs

High End Highs

I say this all the time, but our battle for cannabis normalization didn’t just end when recreational systems were put into place. We’ve still got a long way to go to reduce the stigma around the plant, and today I’m presenting you with a doozy to destigmatize: paraphernalia. Not your uncles’ rasta colored bong, several companies are offering gorgeous and artful alternatives to the more stereotypical equipment. Even high end retailer, Barneys New York, has gotten in on it: Barneys Adds Bongs to Its Beverly Hills Store . In this blog, I’ve compiled 5 websites that hone in on a high end market, and are offering accessories that even your mother would look at and say, “ooh that’s pretty.”

illuzion glass.jpg

Based out of Denver, CO, Illuzion Glass Galleries hosts dozens of artists, and almost feels more like an art gallery than a headshop in their physical store. Selling everything from rigs, pipes and accessories to apparel and pendants, they’ll elevate your consumption easily. 

high roller glass

Based out of Lakewood, CO, High Roller Smoke feels different from a headshop from the second you walk in. Also offering a ton on their online store, they have literally everything you could need, including e-cigarette mods, storage solutions, and apparel. 

stonedware co

Based out of Portland, OR, Stonedware Co specializes in handmade ceramic pipes and one-hitters. With a unique and fresh geometric design, these fit-in-your-hand pipes would be a beautiful addition to your mantle. 

my bud vase

At first glance, the pieces from My Bud Vase look as though they’ve been left out of your vintage display hutch. Even after realizing you can pack a fat one in them, the furthest word from mind is paraphernalia. I would literally never put it away; even if (god forbid) I stopped smoking, I would slap some fresh flowers in that baby and use it as a conversation piece. That’s how gorgeous these are.  

tetra glass

If you’re looking solely for fresh, clean and modern smoking accessories, Tetra is your sight to go to. Even their incense sticks have a certain vibe to them. 

~written by Melinda Gardner~

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