Autumnal Equinox: How and Where to Integrate Cannabis

Autumnal Equinox: How and Where to Integrate Cannabis

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumnal Equinox will fall around September 23rd this year. Calling back to ancient Pagan traditions, the astronomical event is also called Mabon. I thought it would be fitting to write about celebrating the Autumnal Equinox; it’s the time of year when day and night are totally balanced, and who doesn’t need to channel a bit more balance into their lives? And of course, we’ll talk about how and where to integrate our favorite herb into your festivities. 

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Meditate on Balance

Thanks to the autumnal equinox, balance is the name of the game for this time of season. It’s the time of year when day and night are totally equal, so an intentful smoke session combined with some balance-focused yoga is a perfect way to honor that. If you’re new to yoga or want some guidance with your meditation, I’ve linked a couple of YouTube videos:

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Kassandra

As you consume your herb, think about what it means for you to have cannabis in your system. Think about how you use it, and how it contributes to overall balance in your life. Think about the work that was put into harvesting it. While you’re flowing/meditating, think about what your thankful for – the blessings that have been in your life throughout the summer. It’s also good to think about how you feel as we head into winter, and set goals to maintain balance as the holidays and longer nights approach. 

hightimes altar

Construct an Altar

Constructing an altar sounds much more mystical than in reality. An altar is any flat surface that has been designated to hold pictures, treasured items and trinkets, and may also include bits of food. Specifically for Mabon, an altar is a physical and visual reminder and is great for celebrating a bountiful harvest or the many blessings you’ve received throughout the summer and year. It’s also a way to help store up for winter – think produce, but also well wishes and intentions of balance. Fall colors such as yellows, oranges, reds and browns as well as baskets, squash, and leaves would be great decorations. Be sure to also include pictures of friends and loved ones you are thankful to have in your life. I’ll also be laying out some of my crystals, as well as a couple of nugs of cannabis and some pipes that I particularly love. Including some items from your daily smoking routines helps carry through some of the intention from your Mabon-inspired meditation/yoga flow. 

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Peep the Leaves

I recommend (insist, really) enlisting the help of a good friend to be a designated driver – but Colorado is known for its leaf-peeping, so eat some edibles, load into the car, and head west! The aspen trees are beginning to turn orange, and according to an article from the Denver Post that I read last week, the major snowpack we’ve had this spring is supposed to give us the best leaf-looking in years. It makes my heart happy to see the riot of yellows and oranges paired with the aspen’s eye-looking bark, and I feel like it’s more important now than ever to connect with our natural world. Despite the global climate, I think it’s also worth getting your last fill of foliage before the snow comes. Especially once your edibles kick in, sit among the trees. Listen to the wind rustle the thousands of leaves around you, and be thankful you’re able to hear their song. 

Here’s an article from the local Denver news station with a map and timeline for the best leaf-peeping:

pumpkin bong

Make a Pumpkin Bong

In the running for most fun activity, making a pumpkin bong is a no brainer. There’s a ton of articles on the web with tutorials to make your own, but I like this one from because it’s the most straightforward:

Pumpkins have been a traditional season of Mabon and harvest for thousands of years, so it’s just the whipped cream on the pie that they also make great bongs. Bonus points if you decide to partake in your Mabon meditation with your freshly constructed pumpkin bong! 

infused apple pie

Bake an Infused Apple Pie

This is one that will not only appropriately celebrate harvest but your friends as well. Apples, along with pumpkins, have been synonymous with harvest for thousands of years. What better way to celebrate with them than making an infused apple pie?! (Just be sure to tell your friends that it’s a special pie!) If you’re already familiar with making your own edibles it shouldn’t be too different for you to infuse some pie, but if you’re not, I have two options for you: first, find a recipe to follow from someone who has figured out how to infuse it for you, such as this one from

Or, my personal favorite; you can use a family-favorite recipe that you already have, and when said recipe calls for butter, use a stick of pre-infused butter from SweetGrass Kitchens here in Denver. Check out their website or call your local dispensary to see if they carry it, but this is my favorite because SweetGrass has done the work for you! And, you get to use your own recipe with no weed math.

I hope you have fun this autumn celebrating in traditional yet weedy ways! These are all ways in which I’ll be personally getting festive, and of course let me know if you find any other ways to stonily celebrate! 

~written by Melinda Gardner~

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